Lucky Puppy Nail Service

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Lucky Puppy Nail Specialists is revolutionizing the way that pet’s’ nails are shortened. Gone are the days of painful, pinched and bleeding nails frequently caused by traditional trims using conventional clippers.

lucky puppy dogOur patent pending, one of a kind Lucky Puppy Comfort and Lucky Puppy Nail Shortening Systems work together to provide pets with a safe, secure and trauma-free experience. This proprietary combination, along with our expert technicians, enables us to dramatically shorten nails painlessly. The result? Your pet’s nails are shortened nearest to the quick without causing harm, leaving them with shorter, smoother and rounded nails.

If you are tired of wrestling with your pets to trim their nails, or dealing with their anxiety when having to transport them for their nail trims, let us show you the Lucky Puppy way! Every step of our process is designed with your pet’s comfort and health in mind.

Regular nail maintenance, the Lucky Puppy way, promotes your pet’s health, while preventing deformed feet, joint pain, arthritis, hip & back problems, torn toenails and even obesity. Excessively long or curled, or black nails are no problem for Lucky Puppy! Senior pets are handled with extra love and care.

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We have several trained Lucky Puppy Technicians who are ready to get your pet’s nails under control! Call our office today for an appointment!

Lucky Puppy Nail Shortenings can be added to any grooming services as well! There is an additional charge for this service, but we know that you and your pet will be satisfied with the Lucky Puppy difference!

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