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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Exotic Pet Amnesty Day

On November 6th 2011, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation held its first ever Exotic Pet Amnesty Day. Owners of exotic pets that no longer wanted to keep their animals were allowed to surrender them with no questions asked. This day was created to help prevent pet owners from releasing potentially dangerous and invasive species into the local environment.

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Harper, a pit bull puppy gets a new chance for a happy life!

When faced with a major health issue in a pet that you love, it is sometimes tough to keep your spirits up. Imagine that you are faced with an animal that is not yours, but needs help? Erica Daniel saved a puppy and was faced with the hardest choice. Luckily, she kept hope and worked hard to save the little guy against all the odds! When things look bad, don’t forget that they are relying on you!

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