We Are A Full-Service, AAHA Accredited Veterinary Hospital.

MyPet’s Animal Hospital offers a wide variety of services striving to meet the needs of all our customers. We understand how important your pet is in being a member of your family and we are committed to providing the absolute best veterinary care available.

When you call, please ask our staff about any of these services and we will gladly take the time to discuss what we can do to help you keep your pet healthy and happy.

My Pet's Animal Hospital Is An AAHA Accredited Veterinary Hospital

Our services offered include: Comprehensive physical examinations, preventive medicine, vaccinations, parasite control, in-house laboratory and diagnostic testing, ultrasonic teeth cleaning and dental procedures, internal medicine, laser surgery, cold laser therapy, radiology, professional grooming and long/short-term boarding accommodations. 

Medical Care

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Several of our vets have a passion for the care of pets beyond dogs and cats. Proper knowledge of how to care, house and feed these special creatures is critical. We encourage wellness appointments with our doctors so they can educate pet owners on best practices. We value our exotic patients as much as our canine and feline patients, and we provide the same excellent standards of care for all.

Cold laser therapy is a noninvasive procedure that uses light to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood circulation. Cold laser therapy treats the surface of the skin, while hot laser treatments affect deeper tissues. Often called low-level laser therapy, cold laser therapy, or Class IV laser therapy, by any name, is still a relatively new concept that is being used more recently to treat dogs with arthritis, tendon or soft tissue injuries and to promote wound healing. After laser therapy, dog owners might see their dog go upstairs more often, play with a ball he’s not picked up in months or go back to getting on the couch for his nightly snuggle with family members. And, when dogs have better mobility, medications can often be reduced.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of proactive dental care for our pets. Pets are much more likely to show signs of discomfort from dental issues. We follow the highest standards of care including the safest anesthetic protocols, preoperative pain management, and digital dental x-rays.

Bring your pet by for a complimentary dental health assessment by one of our certified veterinary technicians!

Our x-ray imaging system is digital, allowing for the finest quality of images, as well as a Board-certified Radiologist’s opinion in a matter of moments, when the need arises.

Integrative Medicine combines the most advanced diagnostic tools of Western medicine with ancient healing techniques of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, allowing for additional therapy options with minimal side effects. Dr. Donna McWilliams is certified in Veterinary Acupuncture and in Canine Rehabilitation (similar to human Physical Therapy), and leads our hospital in practicing Integrative Medicine. This means we are able to improve our patients’ quality of life through therapeutic exercises, massage, cold laser, acupuncture, dietary therapy and herbal therapy. Osteoarthritis, Cancer, Kidney Disease, Paralysis, Anxiety / Seizures are just a few conditions that benefit from this technique.

When surgery is the best option for your pet, we offer the most advanced techniques and technologies. Our fully trained staff takes every measure to ensure the safety of your pet during the procedure. Your pet will be fully screened before surgery, and with our laser surgical procedures we work to minimize the recovery time as much as possible.

Soft Tissue Surgery: We use a CO2 Laser vs. a scalpel blade, as it provides the following benefits: 1) Deceased pain, 2) Reduced bleeding and blood loss and 3) Quicker recovery time.  We offer a variety of soft tissue procedures here at our hospital, but if your pet would be better served at a referral hospital with 24-hr post-op care, then rest assured, we will refer you.  We want what is best for you and your pet.

We adhere to the latest Pain Management Guidelines published by AAHA, AAFP and the IVAPM for all species that we see. This means that we anticipate, prevent and continuously assess pain levels in our patients, and employ a variety of methods to alleviate pain.

We strive to stock medications, therapeutic diets, and other products that can improve your pet’s quality of life. Should you choose to purchase products from a third party online establishment, we will ask that you print, sign and return a online waiver to us. Contact us to request the waiver.

We partner with Veterinary Internal Medicine Diagnostics (Dr. Chris Ludlow) to offer additional imaging (ultrasound, echocardiography, endoscopy, consultations) by a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Specialist.

These services are offered on-site for your convenience.

Bonus: Dr. Ludlow is also a Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist!

Our year-round well-care plans offer peace of mind. We’ve taken the guess-work out of what our pets need to stay healthy – we even cover sick exams for plan participants. We have several options for each life stage, and each plan can be paid monthly (with credit card), or can be paid ‘up front’ for an additional savings. Let us meet your pet and our doctors will recommend a plan that works best for you and your family!

We are not an emergency care clinic.

We know that an urgent issue involving your pet is terribly stressful. Our veterinarians are trained in triage and pain management to assess and alleviate pain in your pet as soon as possible. But we are not an emergency care facility. We have excellent working relationships with emergency/specialty hospitals in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Brandon & Tampa in the event that your pet requires round-the-clock intensive care.

Pet Care Services

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Sometimes your pets behavior can be the result of a physical cause, and sometimes it is not. We have trained behavior specialists that can work with your pet to help eliminate issues like separation anxiety or obsessive behavior. We work to train both you and your pet to better understand each other. We will help you as an owner learn patience with your pet and how to recognize the signs your pet is giving.

Microchips have reunited thousands of pets with their families. We offer microchipping services for cats, dogs, & exotics.

We recommend that all your pets, even those that do not venture outside get microchipped. The procedure is safe and quick and will give you peace-of-mind for your pet’s life.

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There are many benefits for your pet from a balanced, specific diet including the alleviation of symptoms of allergies and many other diseases. Our trained and certified staff will help you if your pet needs more dietary attention. Whether they need to lose a few pounds or gain some much needed weight we offer a variety of foods and supplements to help.

The most tragic thing about loving many of our pets is their shortened life span, when compared to ours. This, combined with the fact that they are completely reliant on our care their entire lives, makes us feel as if we are losing a child when their times comes to leave this Earth. Our veterinarians understand when to shift focus from diagnostics, prevention and treatment to pain management and palliative care. And when the time comes, we celebrate the life of your pet and allow them to pass peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge. Please inquire by phone.

Our “daycare” provides a positive environment where your dog can interact with other dogs (and other humans). We focus on a balance between physical activity and socialization with other dogs and lots of love from our caregivers. These are beneficial to keeping your dog mentally balanced and confident in an area outside his/her home.

We are blessed to have expert groomers here at My Pet’s. They are trained in low-stress handling techniques, and are proactive about recommending ways to lower anxiety during grooming as well as identify any medical concerns. They LOVE their job, and LOVE making your pet look and feel their best!

Who doesn’t love vacation time? If you can take your pet with you, that’s wonderful, but if you aren’t able to, they are welcome to stay with us! We use species-specific pheromones and herbals to reduce anxiety during their stay. We do encourage you to bring a small article of clothing with your scent on it to place in their enclosure, as well as their own food. If the need arises, your pet can be seen by one of our veterinarians for additional treatment during their stay as well, which means peace of mind for you. For ease of check-in/drop off, please review our boarding requirements (click here), and print and fill out our boarding guest info sheet (Click Here).

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