Shannon is a Central Florida native, growing up in Plant City. As a child, she was only allowed to have three pets, all of which were Poodles. She has fond memories of these three and will always have a soft spot in her heart for Poodles. Since her adulthood, the love of animals has broadened, leading her to the farm life. She and her family have recently purchased a small farm in Bartow where they raise chickens, cows, turkeys, and guinea fowl. Not to mention all of the domestic and exotic pets they own. She is living her dream.

Shannon came to us with limited experience in the field of Veterinary medicine, but with lots of compassion, ambition, and an open mind, she quickly became Dr. Donna’s right hand. With a calmness, a willingness to learn, and a lead by example attitude, she was promoted to Lead Room Assistant. She demonstrated the ability to lead with fairness, integrity, and a belief in the strengths of her co-workers. “I believe in all of my co-workers, they all can do anything they put their heart and soul into, my job is to encourage and trust in them.” 

Shannon never stops learning; she attends many seminars and conferences throughout the state of Florida, such as the NAVC, the FVMA, and The Veterinary Practice Management Seminar. She also never stops attending many Webinars and workshops. “It’s only with an opened mind and a willingness to learn not only from books and structured learning, but also from those around us that a person will succeed.” Shannon has a compassionate and caring nature that inspires everyone around her to be better.