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In NYC’s fight against bed bugs, the newest heros are… beagles!

In NYC, beagles are the newest tool in the fight to sniff out bed bugs [...]

When it is time to make the hard decisions.

There are so many more options to prolong your pet’s life while maintaining their quality [...]

Who would sneak into a prison? Cats!

When the decision was made to close a South Florida prison, the inmates aren’t the [...]

Bull Dogs on a No Fly List?

Pets can often have breathing issues when flying in the cargo area of commercial airlines. [...]

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Senior pets in shelters need love and compassion just as much as younger pets. There [...]

Soldiers with PTSD find comfort in a dog’s unconditional love.

When these soldiers couldn’t find a way to reconnect to friends and family after returning [...]

Veterans Day and four legged friends!

In honor of Veterans Day, here are some videos of happy reunions between soldiers returning [...]

Recent devastating flooding in Thailand has left many pets in trouble.

The recent floods in Thailand have caused many families to lose their homes and be [...]

Tips for flying safely with your pet

Your pet’s comfort and safety are important with considering a trip with your pet. When [...]

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Exotic Pet Amnesty Day

On November 6th 2011, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation held its first ever Exotic Pet [...]