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Hedgehogs Gaining Popularity as Pets in the U.S.

Hedgehogs have banned in six of the United States, but that hasn’t stopped the remainder of our nation from taking them into their homes.  Read more about the growing popularity of Hedgehogs among pet owners, courtesy of ABC News.

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Moving Tips for Pet Parents

The warmer seasons are a favorite time for relocation.  (After all, who wants to pack up and move in the snow?)

Check out THIS POST from News & Record for tips on making the move a comfortable experience for the whole family.



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Your Cat Likely Thinks You Are A Clumsy Cat

In his new book, Cat Sense, John Bradshaw researches cat behavior. John is a cat-behavior expert at the University of Bristol. He notes in his book that when a human enters a room, their dog will change behavior and play with the human in a different manner than he/she might play with another dog. Cats, on the other hand, play with their humans in the same manner in which they play with other cats. This, he says, proves that dogs see humans as different while cats see humans as big, clumsy cats.

Click here to learn more about Bradshaw’s research.

Blind Man Gets A New Dog

Cecil Williams was on a subway platform in New York when he started to feel faint. His service dog tried to help keep him against a wall, but he ended up tumbling into the subway tracks. The dog immediately jumped down onto the tracks and licked Cecil’s face until he woke. Cecil and the dog then hugged a wall while a train passed by them. Cecil’s dog is now retiring and he will be receiving a new dog to guide him around NYC.

Colonel Meow Passes Away

The internet lost a huge feline personality Thursday. Colonel Meow, a lovable furry dictator who ruled over his minions on Facebook has passed. His owner Anne Marie Avery, lovingly referred to as Slave Beast by Colonel Meow, let his fans know in a post Thursday evening. The Colonel had recently undergone days of medical treatment for a heart condition, and we can only assume that was a major factor in his loss.

Colonel Meow was found along the side of the road and was rescued by Himalayan and Persian Society of Los Angeles and subsequently adopted by Anne. With his distinct looks and expressive personality, Anne created the online persona of the Colonel who gave orders to his minions and demanded scotch and treaties. He became a sensation, gathering over 359 thousand likes on his page.

He will be missed.

Scientists Think Dogs Can Find North

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They decided this by observing dogs….um…doing their business outdoors for over two years. It seems that the scientists involved in the study realized that a majority of dogs align their spines to north south when squatting to poo. While there were certainly exceptions, it was amazing how true it was. So, grab a leash, a plastic bag, your pooch, and a compass and see whether it is true for you!

Click here to read more about the study.

Cat Art Show

Captain America by Jenny Parks

Rhonda and Cat by Mercedes Helnwein

A new art exhibitions that will be ending shortly in Los Angeles focuses on what many of us already focus on, cats. The artists all used cats in their own ways to express different meanings. The video and link below have more information on the show and the artists that participated.

Click here to see the show’s website.