Pet Microchipping by My Pet's Animal HospitalThere is nothing worse than having to worry about a pet who has gone missing. It’s like losing a loving member of the family and constantly worrying about their well-being and whereabouts. This is why we strongly recommend having each and every one of your pets microchipped.

Lately, microchipping has gained a lot of popularity, and for good reason. Microchipping is perhaps the safest and most effective ways to ensure a lost or missing pet returns home. Even if a pet goes missing for a long period of time, a microchip can help him return home! Many pets have be found and returned to their families even years after disappearing, thanks to a microchip…(YES! This has happened!) In fact many shelters such as the SPCA as well as Animal Control and adoption clinics have made microchipping a mandatory process which they include in their adoption fees.

The chip itself is very small, about the size of a grain of rice. It is inserted via a small needle between the shoulder blades and the neck of your pet, usually with very little pain or irritation to the dog. We like to inject a small amount of Lidocaine so that your pet doesn’t feel a thing! Details about the animal and its owners are stored in a database and linked to a unique number associated with your dog’s chip. It is extremely important to keep your contact details up to date in the database. This is VERY important here in Florida-especially during hurricane season as well as during July 4th (the day that most pets go missing each year).

The tiny microchip stores a unique number and a scan code that permanently identifies your dog. Should your dog be found, a veterinarian or shelter worker can quickly scan your dog for a chip and, after searching a database for the chip’s unique number, learn details including the dog’s or cat’s name, age, veterinarian, owner’s name, address, and phone number. Think of a microchip as a permanent ID tag that can’t be lost or misplaced!

Is Pet Microchipping Expensive?

The chip is quite affordable-our microchip includes a LIFETIME registration to the microchip company itself. This means that there aren’t additional fees when you go online or on the phone to register your pet.

We urge each and every pet owner to not delay the process of microchipping, as this is something very important, and can potentially save the life of your pet. Our best advice? Have your pet microchipped while they are being spayed or neutered!

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