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Recent Study Questions the Safety of Travel Carriers for Pets

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Ringworm 101: A Crash Course in Dermatophytosis

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Keep Your Pets Safe and Sane on July 4th Weekend

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Why Pets are Especially Awesome for Senior Citizens

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Socialization: A Critical Part of Your Puppy’s Overall Well-Being

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A Few Swimming Safety Tips for Dogs (and Their Owners)

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Three Great Reasons to Avoid Giving Your Dog Table Scraps

Most pet owners have an opinion about giving dogs table scraps: they either love the [...]

June is Adopt-a-Cat Month!

It makes sense that America’s favorite time of year for cat adoption falls during the [...]

Bufo Toads are Everywhere This Time of Year, and They Shouldn’t Be Ignored

These toxic toads have special glands that release poison when they feel threatened, which is [...]