New Years’ resolutions can get a little silly sometimes. We’ve all heard those outlandish, impossible-to-achieve promises that people make to themselves each year, and as each year passes, it becomes more and more difficult not to roll your eyes. This year, do yourself a favor, and commit to something reasonable. For both you and your pet, healthy changes occur gradually. Here are a few ideas for new years’ resolutions that you can share with your best friend in 2016.

Try a New Activity

Variety is the spice of life, as they say.  For pet owners, incorporating pets into exciting new activities is easier than ever before. There are dog-friendly hiking trails, dog parks, and dog beaches just about everywhere you turn. You can also give agility a shot, which is fun for both you and your pup. There is even such a thing as “doga”! These are all fantastic opportunities for adding something new to your routine, and they are also a great way to bond with your pet.

Eat Healthier

From a human perspective, healthy eating is pretty straightforward. It’s all about balance, and as long as you can avoid your favorite fast food drive-through, you should be okay. Our pets, however, depend on us to provide healthy, balanced meals for them. This is not only about measuring quantities, but also quality. It’s also important to choose an age-appropriate diet. If all of this seems extremely complex, you’re right. There’s a lot to consider where your pet’s nutrition is concerned, so be sure to speak with your family veterinarian if you have questions.

Exercise More

Exercising more is another no-brainer. Fortunately, if you own a pet, exercise often comes in the form of playtime. The idea is to move your body more.  Burn up all of those calories that you consumed over the holidays. It doesn’t have to mean structuring your entire life around a set gym routine. Get out and get active, and bring your pet along for the fun, too!

These may seem like extremely simple suggestions, but that’s the point!  Very few good things happen overnight. Make these gradual changes, and you are sure to see a difference in yourself and your pet in no time.

Featured Photo Credit: ceiling via Compfight cc